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Time for some Modern Warfare 2 vids…

Cole Hamels of the Phillies does not like random grenade spam.

No one uses the Javelin, why the fuck not?!

Here’s some sweet snipe spots around the plane on Afghan.

Everyone knows of the catwalk on Highrise but it goes so much deeper than that. Here’s all the sweet spots on the map.

Here’s some tips for the 2 SpecOPS co-op only missions where 1 guy is the runner, the other the gunner.

If you haven’t tried 3rd person multiplayer out yet, you really should! It’s fun, make a build though; Steady Aim and lotsa bullets.

You know on Wasteland how you can’t step out of bounds? Here’s how to get to the other side.

Cheaters on PC already.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Hacks Gameplay Video – Watch more Game Trailers

All the Intel spots for achievement whores.

…and finally, wow. What the fuck is this.

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