Someone Finally Said It


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  1. [Ht]warning  Says:

    Just so ppl don’t assume this is my point of view on this issue, I will go ahead and put it out there I think Stern is very hypocritical here but brings up some good talking points.

  2. [Ht]SgtMAD  Says:

    I listen to Stern every day,nothing else compares to his show on any radio anywhere.

    this shit makes me laugh every day.

    Sirius is a great product.

    and the shitstorm over Obama speaking to school kids is fucking ridiculous.

    I agree with what he is saying here.

    Bubba went after the same idiots in the afternoon show.

  3. [Ht]Yuan  Says:

    Hah me too Sarge, I dunno wtf I would do on my 45 min commute without Howard/Bubba.

  4. Dillinger822  Says:

    I think that the ladies from the view have more of an insight into the NFL draft than stern and his minions do into our political situation. Despite that, i think i would still rather have stern speak to my school children before obama. but yeah, racial issue my dick.

  5. [Ht]LOx  Says:

    Fuck Lord Obama

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