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It has been quite a while since I blogged. I think logging into the WordPress dashboard was keeping me lazy but now I am trying out this Windows Live writer. Its neat cause it can detect our theme and show me exactly how the post is going to look. Mad’s been doing a bang up job in here with the constant updates and with our new SEO plugins we do pull a decent number of hits every day. I paste enough links into IRC that if I just took 10% of them and put them into a semi coherent paragraph I could be an active blogger. Which would put our total at 2. Anyway…

I have to say everything about Windows 7 I am digging. Especially the new start menu and task bar. I wrote up some info on Windows 7 in the forums if you want to check it out. One thing I don’t like is they had to go and fuck up some of the good things Vista brought in that were very good. They took out a bunch of quality stuff, like Windows Calendar and tried to integrate it all into these Windows Live tools. Ugh. They ruined them AND you have to go download them because they aren’t installed by default.

Now, as far as I can tell, the Windows Calendar only works with your hotmail account and no longer will support any iCal feeds like you can get from your google calendar. Since Apple and Microsoft refuse to get along this was the only way to sync up my iPhone calendar with my PC while avoiding full blown Outlook. Oh well, I fucking give up honestly.

This new outlook express, called Windows Mail, can lick my balls too. I have hundreds of emails that come in and hit filters from all the webmaster stuff I do on the side that I want logged and then other random things like scoring summaries from NHL games on xbox. These are all marked as read by the filters. Read in Gmail itself, read on my iPhone, yet Windows Mail thinks they are unread. So my unread emails view across my email accounts is hosed making the whole app useless. Why is this? It works with the hotmail filters I have in place of course. I give up on that too.

I’m done trying to organize my life with these Microsoft tools. And forget doing it with backups in case of disaster. In 5 years I won’t be using the same shit, I’m sure so what’s the point? Back to doing everything in a browser again. I refuse to accept one company’s way of doing things so I guess that means I waste time with inefficiency. 

Enough of my rant, I updated our twitter feeds page a while ago but I don’t think I told anybody. If you are in the clan and I forgot your feed PM me on IRC and I will update it.

Enjoy this image which was in my clipboard. Holy shit I don’t even have to FTP this thing into my directory anymore. Yay for saving time somewhere. Still debating if I’ll be the first to start the “I’m downgrading to Vista” crowd.


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