August, 2009

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The Cause of All Evil

Acute Attribute Assimilation

Since there’s alot of us that play CoD versions I thought this gun analysis could come in handy for those who really do put a lot into the attributes of their weapons used. I personally couldn’t care less, if I can shoot it then I can shoot it in your face and win the game […]

Cats Don’t Like Water

Cops & Robbers

All Points Bulletin, the GTAesque MMO coming out soon is now accepting beta applications.

Fantasy Football 2010

It’s that time of year again, Fantasy Football! This year Ht is running the first year of the Hostile Dynasty pool which has 12 members from our community begin by building their franchises. We also have our annual free pool, which I won’t be linking since it’s already full. But don’t fret it there’s plenty […]

Rescue the PrincOS

Random Rips

Just like you, this is cool and dumb at the same time. Hey, let’s go drinking around the world bitches! I told you already, no pets allowed. I am going to rip out your spine and hang it on my wall. One more month till I am layin’ you bitches out on the ice! This […]

Paying the Piper

Ht has been around over 13 years now which is a pretty amazing feat from something that started as a small TF clan. In that time we’ve gone through plenty of amazing donations from our admin types. Nobs and Yuans legendary pron FTP, Buri and his demos and speedstat archives, all the web servers for […]

2 Ghosts, 1 Guy

Bone Breakin’ Bonanza

Skate 2 may be Warnings domain but I have to mention this. EA has collected what they think are their Top 10 submitted videos from the game. They are all pretty brilliant and show how much fun you can have in this sandbox. I’ve barely even touched the missions as I spend hours crashing into […]

The Reality Is…We’re Fucked

I do believe that the evolution of reality shows is going to continue to take us into darker territories, into a phase where we as humans cross the line. It’s an inevitable human nature to push the envelope to find the boundaries of whatever topic we’re fixated with and this will be no different. For […]

Shark Bark

So are you a fan of Shark Week? Of course you are. You can watch them devour anything in sight, look menacing and just generally be bad ass but can you handle the aftermath? Before you take a look at this photo of a shark victim think to yourself…are you really a fan?

Spotty at Best

I don’t know what you kids do for music these days, I’ve been using The Hype Machine to find stuff on blogs but I know people like a more diverse array of ways to get music. Besides torrents for albums or iTunes for singles there’s a new player on the scene, Spotify. People are raving […]

Socialites Unite!

Stop with the Skaterade Son

Here’s a life lesson for you guys. If you’re going to pull a gun of someone, best be prepared to use it!