June, 2009

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Just caught a snippet on EP Daily about an upcoming free MMO FPS called Parabellum. It’s really a good idea, an evolution of the CounterStrike movement that caught the FPS world by storm. By infusing a community aspect to a strong based terrorists vs. CT combat system that can be built upon in an MMO […]

Pixel Pushin’

Can you believe there are people out there that have gotten rich off of playing games? I’m not talking a Cliffy B. game dev or a Thresh pro gamer either, I’m talking about these idiots.

Herbivore or Carnivore?


Check out this guy. I think he may king of the internets.

Dexter s4 Coming Soon

Motion in the Ocean

If you own a Wii then you must be aware that the Motion Plus add-on is now available. It’s packaged with Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii but don’t waste your money on EA products, just wait for Wii Resort to hit! Nintendo are the only ones who have seemed to master their own technology […]

Toon Army Threesome

I’m sure most of you have no interest in European Soccer, although the USA beating Spain today is pretty much the biggest day in american soccer ever. But I don’t blame you when we have other great sports here in North America why pay attention to the other side of the pond? Well, I do […]

Fox Failure

You’re My Infection

I wouldn’t be doing you guys justice if I didn’t mention something about Prototype. Everyone who has seen a glimpse of it wants to at least try it but they never know if it’s worth the purchase. It’s a fair assumption as the game only delivers a single player experience but I do have to […]

Baby Faced

More motherfuckin’ man babies!

WoW with Wings

I had a few people ask me about the upcoming MMO Aion. Here’s some details on the North American release.

Dumb & Dumber

We’ve got 2 dumbass European women in the news this week. Li’l Miss “I slept thru a major face tattoo” and Lady “I died twittering in the tub“.

It’s Trippy Time!

I don’t know what this is but I love playing with it.

All Points Bulletin

Ok this guy is in serious love with APB. I don’t blame him, the game sounds fucking fantastic. That we all can just join a 100 man server, form a gang and rampage is great! But after reading that review it all still sounds too good to be true. There’s so much there to make […]

Pretty Pixels

Here’s the burning question that is on all gamers minds. Who’s the hottest girl in games?