Ht Ultimate Winner Announced!

It was a long year for the guys in the Ht Ultimate but it’s finally come to an end! I have gotten a lot of inquiries about why I’m not running it again this year and the bottom line is, even for hardcore sports nerds it’s tough to keep up with. The MLB went great with tons of activity, debate and trading. NFL was pretty good too but following these 2 pools the other 3 were pretty much dormant throughout. But we finally do have a winner and can put this baby to bed now. Here’s the final standings:

1. Bucky (52)
2. Fro (46)
3. Mad (43)
4. Kenyon (38)
5. Indig (34)
6. Breathe (34)
7. Val (31)
8. Rumple (30)
9. Fiddler (24)
10. Lox (23)
11. Fluxcore (20)
12. Blackie (15)

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