March, 2009

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So Long and Thanks For All The Fish Filefront

Alright, let the shock settle in before reading any further. Yeah that’s right, Filefront is shutting down and you have four days to download whatever from it’s huge array of storage space. Here is the reason for the sudden closure.. Dear FileFront User: We regret to inform you that due to the current economic conditions […]

The Internet Will Never Be The Same

Rick Astley has had enough of his internet fame and has filed copyright notices on all popular youtube RickRoll links. C’mon man his career was long gone and I’m sure the fad madeĀ  him more money than anyone else. Well either way all of the videos are muted now and I’m not so sure it […]

Womb Raiders

Tough choice today folks. You’re only allowed to pick one to look at. So what’s it going to be? The hottest Lara Crofts or the fugliest Lara Crofts?

Stop, Collaborate and Motion

I remember when clay animation first hit the scene and people were impressed with this new medium. But then green screening became all the rage and you didn’t hear much about it anymore. People kept it alive and contintued to move stop animation into a new frontier. Check out the Youtube game B-Boy Joker to […]

OnLive – Lagging Isn’t Just For Multiplayer Anymore

It has been a while since I just slammed out a blog post… lets change that. So the news of the day is OnLive. A company that has been developing this product for 7 years and keeping it under tight wraps until today. Paving the way by already having Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Take-Two, […]

Blizzard Incoming

Starcraft II beta? Ok, we don’t have any details about it yet other than is now revamped and will ‘steam’ all your Blizzard games into one launcher. But the jist of it is if you go and make your account and ensure you denote you want to receive beta invites. It’s going to be […]

Mobile Boredom

The first MMO for the iPhone looks…really lame.

Digital Cocaine

Call of Duty is the top FPS franchise going right now. It’s not even debatable, be it console or PC the last two iterations have been two of the best full package FPS’s of all time. With the singleplayer having some of the best missions you’ll ever attempt and the multiplayer having a ton of […]

Fan of the Flexible

You’d think, the last thing I’d expect to see on this site is some gymnastics. But there it is and it’s awesome.

Zero vs. 50

Awwwh, did you get some blood in your sand 50 Cent? I bet The Escapist knows why.

Emergency Landing

Requiem for A Zombie Dream

I haven’t really gotten on board with YouTube Doubler yet but I bet people have created some real beauties. Someone in IRC posted one I found quite amusing as the syncing of the music track and the animated short movie really sets a new tone to it all. If you’ve found some great ones like […]

Gag Reflex Be Gone!

In all my years of internet depravity there’s a few things you see you wish you hadn’t. I don’t mean shit like 2 Girls, 1 Cup or variants, that kind of shock value may be mentally scarring but doesn’t kill braincells at the rate the following video will. You’ve been warned (SFW).

Battlefield: Cartoon Edition

So anyone who had signed up for the Battlefield Heroes Beta most likely got their key yesterday. This title is going to be an online only game and free to play. You’ll be able to buy custom gear for your li’l soldiers so EA can re-coup some of their costs. So servers quickly filled up […]

Tetris Torment

Comrades, I emplore you. Mother Russia needs your help.