DJ Hero vs. Scratch

As I had mentioned earlier Rock Band is making money hand over fist. A new dawn of peripheral gaming is upon us so expect to see plenty of facsimiles begin to pop up. The one I am very curious to see is the upcoming DJ Hero title. Since it comes from a strong lineage I do expect it to be pretty damn good. It also will have a competitor as Scratch is coming out beforehand and by all accounts looks robust. But here’s a few rumors that are swirling around the upcoming game.

  • The website is live but lacks content.
  • There’s a twitter feed but is also empty.
  • DJs Z-Trip and DJ Shadow will appear as avatars in the game.
  • Both Z-Trip and Shadow took part in developing and testing the game’s controller, as well as programming and licensing the music.
  • Some evidence: DJ Shadow recently played a show at the South By Southwest festival behind a DJ Hero banner. He told fans in an email: “There are some things brewing that I’m not at liberty to reveal yet, but that are exciting and very different for me.”
  • DJ AM is supposedly interested in appearing in the game.Tiesto was originally leaked as part of DJ Hero several months ago, but is reportedly not involved now.
  • Daft Punk is rumored to have some part in the game.
  • Mixmaster Mike will apparently not be part of the game, as his loyalties are to competing DJ game, Scratch. Here’s what Mike had to say about the difference between the two games: “What I’ve heard is that it’s not going to be as authentic as Scratch…I know it’s more based on just mixing; it’s going to be two completely different things. This is more based on scratching and beat-making, and the other one is just like beat-matching. But don’t hold me to that, I just heard it from the grapevine.”

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  1. alright  Says:

    hopefully you can scratch balls

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