February, 2009

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How well can you not shit your pants?? Not very well I will bet. Try this.

Turn Your Fucking Mic Off!

If you play Call of Duty 4 or WaW online with us then you’ll totally relate to this satire video.

2Forts now with Zombie Dogs!

Scout Update – Ugh

So unless you have been living under a rock where TF2 new does not penetrate to, you are probably fully aware the scout update to TF2 is coming next week. The TF team has been busy, robbing people of cold hard earned recession cash for Left 4 Dead, so its been a while since they […]

Tweet Tweet

I’m sure most of you have heard of Twitter before. Another of the social networking tools Twitter is basically an ongoing Facebook status updater. But it’s more than that, it’s a networking tool first and foremost. You can ‘follow’ anyone you want pretty much and see what their daily doings are. Businesses, blogs, news feeds, […]

Escape from City 17

You’ve got to see this amazing live action short film that’s based off Halflife 2. Source.

Angular Awesomeness

Check out these photos.

It’s A Trap!

You should always be wary of answering ads when on the internets. Here’s a prime example…feel like getting robbed? Answer this ad then.

Throwin’ Down Like Dee Brown

So I was chillin’ at a Celtics game last week… Was vibing on way too much sugar… The music kicked on, the camera pointed at me and… Well, see for yourself…

Come to Daddy

Holy shit. Does this kid look old enough to be a dad? And who plays Saints Row 2 anyways…

60 Foot Hoe!


I am so sick of hearing all this KillZone2 hype. Sure, not many are going to get to play it being PS3 exclusive anyways but the way the pre-release reviews and the fan boys talk this is the game of the century. Ok, first of all the first KillZone sucked so why would we think […]

Google, Now Stalker Friendly

When I first saw this video of Google Latitude I was impressed. Technology is really advancing quickly. But then it began to sink in. This is like a stalkers wet dream. Being able to GPS track any and all of your friends sounds cool on the outside but when it actually happens do you really […]

The Demon Awaits…

Silicone Stand-out

Now here is a world record we can all get behind. Screw how many hot dogs you can eat in a minute or how long you can grow nipple hair, biggest implants of all time is a true record! Those funbags look like they are about to burst though so if you’re in Texas you […]