Spy-Fi Spoiler

There’s a few MMO’s on the horizon where the jury is still out. Darkfall is out next month but is receiving mixed reviews in the beta. Aion is a Korean MMO I mentioned a couple of weeks ago and look for me to post a way to get into the open beta sometime this upcoming week, but lets not forget this is an azn game and well, we aren’t all azn. Another one some of the Planetside guys have been hyping is Global Agenda. I personally don’t feel this is going to be a great game. Yes, it’s an FPS MMO but not like Planetside which had plenty of vehicles embedded. It’s more like a Quake Wars MMO which I don’t feel is worth playing. But with any game, the jury is out until we can try it first. So check out this trailer for the game that shows a ton of the features that will be available so you can begin to jump on the bandwagon or go tumbling off.

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