January, 2009

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Yo Joe!

Remember how hyped the Transformers movie was? Well, the GI Joe movie is the same to me, this is the one I am hoping Hollywood doesn’t butcher. Sure, it’s going to be campy and silly but as long as they stay true to the characters, have tons of great visuals and don’t make Cobra Commander […]

Spy-Fi Spoiler

There’s a few MMO’s on the horizon where the jury is still out. Darkfall is out next month but is receiving mixed reviews in the beta. Aion is a Korean MMO I mentioned a couple of weeks ago and look for me to post a way to get into the open beta sometime this upcoming […]

Starcraft 2 Where Are You?

The zerg is back in town…

Google Kills

Carl had posted the sword fighting caught on Google Maps, which was pretty hilarious. What had happened there is that people found out where the Google mapping vehicle was going to be and had lots of different posing characters ready. Well, here’s something funny that happened to the Google map vehicle the other day.

WTB Presidential Pendant

The United States went through a huge ordeal recently electing a new President. Could you classify it on the same level as killing a top tier raid boss in WoW? Not really, but it’d be funny to make some sort of comparison.

A Real Doll Documentary

I came along this video in one of the channels I idle in, they were discussing the video and real doll kept coming up. I pestered for a relink since my power went out earlier and I got it. This is quite disturbing but interesting at the same time so watch this video to avoid […]


Obamacize your own photo

Superbowl Slaughterday

As most will know the NFL is a pretty popular topic in IRC as many pigskin poofters watch games and curse fantasy players. This years Superbowl hasn’t been much debated as both teams are pretty neutral, well in the fact no one gives a shit about them. But still, someone has to win so let’s […]

Hottie or Nottie

So one of those stupid Who’s The Hottest Woman in 2009 debates came up the other day. How can any one person pick that? Everyone has different tastes. Well, let’s find out anyways. Post up one pic of who you think it is. But you’ll all lose because I already know who it is…

Someones Butt Stinks

“Hey Lady…wash yo’ stank butt.”

Where Fade Lives…

Skate Video: Trick Spam #1

Was bored and haven’t put together a game movie in years so ….

Get Over Google

If I read one more article where a “tech journalist” claims Google is going to replace the operating system as we know it with their latest product I’m going to fucking puke. Gdrive might be cool, but lets face facts here. Chrome is sub par. Gmail is no comparison to Exchange/Outlook, and Google Docs is […]

Skate 2 Up In This

Someone may have hacked the skate 2 web based graphics editor to upload custom images. I cannot confirm or deny this. I will however comment that my new Hostile Takeover board is dope. First game I ever “beat” in one sitting. The best thing is tho, that I’m only about 1% into the total time […]

Battlefield Burnout

I know I know, two acronyms that should never go together, EA and FPS. But what the hell, the Battlefield Heroes Beta sign-up just opened up. So go sell your soul, make an EA account and get signed up!! I actually think this will be a fun one.