Playstation 3 is amazing! NETFLIX

netflix_smIf you don’t already have this revolutionary piece of hardware, the PS3, you are certainly missing out. As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to own this funbox, you will now have one more — read on my friends!

Recently, something great has come about. If you are a Netflix subscriber with any of the unlimited plans (starting at $8.99/mo), you are now able to add over 12,000 titles to your Instant Queue which then enables you to instantly stream them to your Playstation 3 for watching on the televisions. The quality varies depending on the source available, as well as your connection speed, but the majority of the titles do come through in wonderful HD. In addition to the unlimited streaming, you are still entitled to the unlimited DVD rentals via snail mail.

Netflix currently offers a 14-day trial, so if you own a Playstation 3 there is no reason not to give this amazing service a try. The setup is very quick and painless and within minutes you will be streaming enough HD quality media to justify the price tag you paid for the hardware.

Sounds great, right? I only recently signed up and wish I had done so sooner as I have been very impressed. The video quality, interface, ease of use are all top notch. In addition th— oh, wait… oh I’m sorry I think I’ve made a mistake. Let me check…. hmmmm yeah. I guess I should take this time to correct myself and state that this gem, sadly, is only available on the XBOX 360. It is not available for the Playstation 3. That’s unforunate :( Well, I guess you’ll have to take a break from playing your Top 5 Games on Xbox Live in order to kick back and instantly stream your Top 5 Movies or Top 5 TV Shows to your HDTV in the most convenient fashion to date. Sorry Lox.

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