December, 2008

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Achievement Whoring

Being the resident Achievements leader some would call me a bit of an achievement whore. That just simply is not the case! I just play a shit load of games. But I do enjoy achievements and as a game designer I love that consoles have given us a way to roadmap the experience for gamers. […]

Stream the Dream

One of the new features of the internet that is coming about is the ability to play a game while it’s still downloading. Game streaming is new and a few companies are already jumping on board. Here’s one of the new sites that is doing it but the only reason I am mentioning it is […]

Gross Granny


An interesting new mod coming to the Source Engine… Check it out.

Facial Recognition

I love it when advertising works… Take these Nikon ads for instance. Hell yes, nice interpretation. Too bad the product fucking sucks.

Welcome to 1988

In the past on this site I had resorted to posting up music occasionally. As someone who pours through music blogs everyday looking for new released shit I always wanted to share the gems but the fact is no one’s tastes will ever mirror your own. Music is and always will be someones own personal […]

Touch n’ Jiggle

Here’s an application you’ll never see on the iPhone.

PoD: Nipple Stache


I’m really digging the new formats going up on youtube. High quality was sweet and now the new formats “watch in HD” are even better. Check out the quality of this performance from TV on the Radio on Letterman. Since everyone probably has broadband and a youtube account you may benefit from this quick guide […]

Down and Out

Man, I’m not sure who I feel worse for… European Steam gamers Riley Cote ruining his Christmas pictures The Lions People flying this time of year Fanboys who actually think 3 year old consoles can compete with PC graphics

Conchords Are Back!

Enjoy Flight of the Conchords Season 2 premiere which hits HBO in January. Word is writing all new material was stressful so they won’t be doing a third season. Season 1 was really good but any fan knows how much was taken from their existing material so starting season 2 from scratch must have been […]

Stupid Vista Tricks

I’m pretty pissed about Vista in general. Shit it forced my latest career change. When you deploy Microsoft Operating Systems for a living and the public decides to hate the product you NEED to take off to pay the bills because of competitor ad campaigns… well you take a step back and try to figure […]

Sundin Signs

That slacker Sundin finally made his decision. Sportsnet was the first to report it about an hour ago. If you can still pick up Sundin in your fantasy FA list you should probably look for a more challenging league. Its for one year, so much for his stance on rental players I guess.

Secret Service Slacking

lol   Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

Trailer Park Trash

Well the weekend is here and that means either staying indoors masturbating to Ellen re-runs or getting out into the big scary world and seeing some movies. Here’s a few upcoming flicks that you should never ever see if you know what’s good for ya. Here’s a description of all the trailers you’ll find after […]