Last Minute Christmas Shopping

So there’s only a bit over a month left until Christmas. Since you’re all most likely lazy twats like myself and wait till the last minute to get the gifts you need to appease the relatives and loved ones you also know you’ll be shit out of luck once you hit up stores on Christmas Eve and all that’s left is an open box of saltines and some pea green socks. So here’s a few things to buy, maybe even for yourself, that still has time to arrive via shipping.

First thing you or your friends need is an FPS gaming vest. That’s right, everytime you get shot in Call of Duty you’ll be feeling it with this vest and will even register locational damage in some cases, such as getting shot in the back. It’s a nice move towards simulated games I just don’t see how this does anything for anyone especially for $169.

As technology moves forward all the niche products start to pop up. Are you happy with your router? Of course you are. But now that you know D-Link makes a gaming router that supposedly puts gaming packets to the front of the pack don’t you want one? Anything to get an edge right. It’s set you back just a hair over $200.

Now that the media war is over and the Blu-Ray is victor you know you’re going to eventually own one. So your choices is over pay for a blu-ray player or buy a PS3, both fail moves. But Sony does have the moderately priced Sony BWU-300S which will play all your movies but also burn blu-ray discs. 50GB in 30 minutes for under $400? Yes please.

I’ve transitioned to laptops and love my new one. Only thing is it’s a gaming lappy and those manage heat much better but still blast hot air out the side. So now my nards won’t need to be microwaved for me to get my game on because I’m buying a Belkin Cushion for a measly $35.

Those ‘in the know’ will be aware of what a Chumby is and it has nothing to do with an erection. A Chumby is a tiny internet machine and for a cheap price. Everyone knows someone out there that would find a Chumby useful and it’s only going to set you back $180.

The age of full blown survelliance is upon us so do your part and start filming everything. You can buy this tiny action cam that’s used for snowboarders and mountain bikers and strap it on your shoulder like a parrot and voila, your own POV show. Imagine your Youtube fame overnight when you film yourself cooking up some mac n’ cheese!! It’ll only set you back $120.

Need some new art on your wall that reminds you of Ht or Lox’s incessant NWO ramblings in IRC? Then Obey’s Hostile Takeover print is the one for you. Comes in a number of colors people won’t think you’re a commie if you tell them it’s about America’s current financial distress. Mind you, the last one sold went for $1500. Maybe just buy the t-shirt. Or if trendy enough, the scarf.

In the new age of Obamanization you have to be aware of your own personal security. And nowadays people are hardcore and even pulling a gun on someone doesn’t have the same effect anymore. You’ve got to bring it hard so howabout some replica hand grenades to scare the shit out of anyone who cramps your style?

If you’re a complete loser then you’re most likely a Trekkie, or someone who wears a manpurse. But there’s a revival in the works with the new movie out soon and now there’s even these hip gloves from Billionaires Boys Club which is run by Pharrell of N.E.R.D. Sorry, Star Trek will never ever be cool even with Sylar as Spock.

So there’s a few ideas to get you going and hopefully you don’t get ripped off, maybe hit up ThinkGeek for more ideas for cheap stocking stuffers. But the only way this works is if you share your findings by posting up what you think would make good gift ideas for people in the forums in this thread. If you don’t contribute I’ll climb down your chimney, roll you off your bed as you sleep and shit on your nice new pillow.

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