Console Craziness

Mad might think organized gaming is on its way out, but I beg to differ. You have to wade through the countless games that just aren’t worth your time and find the few that shine. Granted the last few weeks have been tough. But hey, if you are one of those people that need to try every game for 10 minutes maybe the Xbox Live Marketplace Black Friday Sale is for you.

Its a great time to own an Xbox thats for sure. Theres nothing that can pull me away from logging a game a night in NHL09, regardless of what great game launched this week. Aside from the horrible “lets be like nintendo” portions the NXE is a pretty sweet. Leave it to kart to make the entire hassle of creating an avatar worthwhile. Netflix subscribers and Xbox owners in general might be a little miffed about Sony owned Columbia blocking thier movies from being streamed to the 360 right before NXE launch. I just enjoy installing games to the hard drive so its not so god damn noisy.

Link of the day: The Office shows some love to a daily favorite of mine by leaving a passive agressive note.

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