Do Not Masturbate To This

Back in the day this website used to focus on the absolute worst things we could uncover on the internet. As we’re based in IRC and this is the base format of internet chatting it always ensured that the people present were the true internet lords who could and would find anything and everything normal people like you could never find. Well, things have tamed down and with big link sites everywhere one popular find is quickly passed throughout the entire world in under a day.

But there’s still a few things you won’t find on those sites. The kind of things that if your mother knew you were watching and laughing at she’d disown you. The kind that if you are religious and believe God would have to exonerate you to get into heaven, this could cause a blemish. So you’ve been forewarned, laughing at this means you’ll be sitting beside me in a deep deep layer of hell. Check it out, it is SFW…unless you work somewhere where people have souls.

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