July, 2008

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Planet of the Ape Shits

[od3rus] I hope the world ends cataclysmically real soon so that future archaeologists think he was a god   Download Meet Dave

You Are A Murdiddlydoodler!

It’s official…PvP System in the July 30th patch of AoC! Oh…it’s on. Like Donkey Kong in a thong. No matter right or wrong. Someone’s gonna be cleaning my bong.

Pipejump, Detpak, Victory

VilePickle finally listened to our incessant elitist QWTF rantings and has been working hard on a TF2 Canalzon version. Will this be enough to bring us back to the TF2 frontier? Hell no. But it’ll be worth the download once it’s finished. Check out the screenshots.

You’re The Man Now Thor

We all know how good YTMND used to be. Used to be? Nothing’s changed, people are still creating crazy shit. This one right here is my new all-time fave.

MMOTown is Under Construction

For those who’ve stuck with AoC there’s been a bit of frustration due to lack of content finalization and all the bugs. People always are asking how can you guys stick with a broken piece of shit game?! Well, this is actually the norm when it comes to MMO’s, notoriously rough to develop with the […]

Pigskin Polygamy

With the impending NFL season not far off I was busy today digging up whatever I could on the America’s most popular pastime. The big news of course is the Favre saga which will soon be over when this happens. While that drama goes down though the NFL has bigger problems, like the use of […]

Aged Seafood

I know ya’ll miss the atrocities of the internet I used to post on a regular basis but hey we need to be semi-SFW nowadays right? Ok maybe not. But the days of Tubgirl worship are over my friends but luckily there’s other atrocities to enjoy. Here’s 2 for you to check out. One involves […]

Franchise Terminated

Man, Christian Bale is everywhere. Reviving failing movie franchise is a full time job. Check out this teaser trailer.

Breaking Up Is Easy


The All Star Break

We’re at the halfway mark in the 1st leg of the Ht Ultimate Pool and it’s been a good race so far in the MLB stage. Below, we’ll take a look at how each team has performed, the good and the bad, up until the All Star Game which took place tonight. For members of […]

Hostile 2010

Everyone keeps asking me, what’s Ht going to be playing down the road? Is Age of Conan going to last with all the bugs and lack of content? Will the WarHammer MMO be the next Hostile destination? Will the next WoW expansion sway people back? It’s tough to tell, I know the people still playing […]

The Fallout of E3

With E3 now underway there’s a ton of game news that’s coming out. But who really cares about a new dashboard for the XBox or an agreement with Microsoft and NetFlix. All we care about is Fallout 3!!! However, now that gameplay footage has been shown I’m not all that excited anymore. It’s looking very […]

Summer of Subliminal Suckery

Well we’re into summer now and between the heat stroke and partying it’s highly recommended to relax and watch some of the summer flicks. Thankfully in todays technological age that doesn’t require you to be sitting in some sticky theatre with a bunch of other idiots, you can do it in front of your TV […]

Nerdy Name Rape

Check out another wannabe Ht on the scene. Hey, it’s flattery when they wanna be just like us.

Day at the Beach