Cheaters Never Prosper

By now you’ve gotten to see the infamous Yahtzee do his Age of Conan review. Pretty spot on, while it’s a good game it’s still under development and can’t be deserving of any high praise. But the game is progressing and with the impending PvP patch things should begin to get interesting.

You know what else is interesting. Karma. On our server the resident zerg/poopsock guild is Ebonlore. By the time we were out of Tortage legitimately they’d had already exploited themselves all to 80. When running into them in PvP situations their carebear spines would exploit out of the area to avoid confrontation. So we all had a good laugh when some hacker managed to keylog one of their leaders, most likely thanks to some exploit program download, and then proceeded to login and destroy their entire city and battle keep. While this isn’t a huge hit as they most likely botted their way to resource heaven it’s sure funny to watch the drama unfold, especially since at the same time the hacker leaked screenshots of their exploit forums and other naughty things (nsfw). While I won’t go into much detail and give these carebears their 5 minutes of fame you can watch all the other guilds berate them senseless on the official Tyranny forum.

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