April, 2008

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Bastard Beats

Well it’s Monday, you’re coming down off all the trash talk and crazy shit you got into on the weekend and need something to ensure everyone around you is as miserable as you are today. Well, that’s where I come in, providing you with something for you to have fun with and also annoy everyone […]

Mythical Clicking

There’s this Diablo-esque game I don’t care about called Mythos that is now open for beta sign-up. I know it’s the Conan beta you’re waiting for, head over here to stay informed on all of the beta happenings.

Happy 420!!

Naughty Ninja Unmasking

So for those still hooked on Yahoo Live you know there’s only a few people out there worth viewing. Mr Hands of course, is god of Yahoo with his horse face and rockin’ out everyone seems to end up there. One of his biggest fans in the possible jailbait of Lilya. She strips, she dances […]

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Fighting games have always disappointed me, besides the Soul Caliber series I’ve never found one I have thoroughly enjoyed. So this one doesn’t get me overly excited at least it’s nice to see them still trying and at the very least it will look cool as you button mash your way to victory.

Capri Pants = Ass Kickery

The Planets Have Aligned

So it seems that PlanetSide is on its last legs and has decided to merge the last 2 remaining servers on May 20th. Obviously this game has reached it’s final stages and while they are introducing some new content it’s obvious this will be the last hoorah for the remaining players. Sarge has re-subbed and […]

Vegemite Art

This video is for Wimpy and Wimpy only. No marsupials were harmed in the making of this video.

Hyborian Sales Pitch

So the big news around the gaming front in #Hostile is that Age of Conan is fast approaching. While we haven’t determined yet if this is the next big guild MMO for us to rape and pillage in, there’s definitely potential there. We’ll know more now as on May 1st the Open Beta will begin. […]

Quakin’ In My Booties

Nice, the Quake Live project is now approaching the beta phase and is accepting e-mails for sign-up.

Santa Soliciting Sex

2 Clicks 1 Barf

So it’s Sunday night, I’m sitting at home doing some stuff and have Family Guy on in the background. It’s a repeat, the one where James Woods takes over Peter’s life…yawn. But then, I see this scene. WTF?? That wasn’t there in the original! Sneaky Seth, sneaky. And to add to the coincidence, TroN goes […]

G’s Need Love 2

The Boob Tube

Let’s be honest here. The only reason we watch any movie that has a chick in it is to see her funbags. So this video sure sums up a few decades in films.

I Am Batman

  This might be the best photograph I’ve ever seen.