Mixed Bag of Bufferoony

It’s all random linkage today:

The first┬álink is the newest and last of the Grand Theft Auto 4 trailers. We’re only a month away from it’s release and it looks like a pretty solid date so don’t expect it to slip at this point. While the trailer is chalked full of cutscenes I am still confident Rockstar’s slavery ways will make this a must get game so don’t wait and get your pre-order in as soon as possible!

I thought this video of an interview with one of the guys from Cannibal Corpse was hilarious. Mainly because he couldn’t shutup about how much he loves World of Warcraft. I also take it he doesn’t like the Alliance very much, night elf death metal ftw??

Here’s a little something you definitely didn’t know about George Clooney.

I’ve never been into origami but damn, if I could make these I’d be totally into it!

Check out 25 photos taken at the exact right time. Very cool.

Now slap on the headphones and check out these seven audio illusions.

See what happens when celebrities are put into famous paintings.

If you are a complete nerd you’ll probably enjoy these leaked shots of the new Star Trek sets.

Check out some of the most nightmarish playgrounds around the world. Some are just downright creepy! But some look like fun to sit under and smoke a bowl with the devil.

I know a ton of people are into Lost, well it looks like someone thinks they have figured out what it all equates too. Mind you, this is a major spoiler and will ruin any thoughts you had where it was all going but if you’re like me and just don’t give a fuck then check it out, read it and hopefully you won’t give a shit to watch the drivel anymore, freeing your mind!

Wow, down in Mexico there’s a ton of “anti-emo riots” going on, where people hunt the streets for the emo’s and beat them senseless. Now I understand doing this to gays, no one wants those fudgepackers near your children but emo’s? They’re just a fashion statement, a flash in the pan in tight jeans. I don’t understand why such animosity but I fully support the hurting of people who like to hurt themselves.

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