Late Night With Ironhide

So nothing of any significance was going on in the irc channel last night until ironhide wanted LOx to see a video.

< ironhide > WOW
< ironhide > LOOK AT THIS SHIT LOX
< ironhide >
< KIR|Cerberus > how the hell does a video like that, relate to a video like this (a random video)
< Shoe[Washedup] > the fuck kind of video did i just watch
< @Tominaga_ > IRONHIDE
< @Tominaga_ > WHAT THE FUCK
< @Tominaga_ > instead of looking for little girls
< @Tominaga_ > you are looking for horse fucking

Nasty ass shit. The video is embedded inside if you don’t want to open a new window. The video Cerb is talking about is also embedded inside.

The “related” video

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