T-Shirt Temper Tantrum

I’m a bit of a print whore. If you don’t know what that means then consider yourself lucky. The problem with being a print whore is shit is expensive!! Nowadays, being able to shop online for tee’s and hoodies you can find anything your warped little mind can think of. It’s cheaper in general as online coupons and other deals manage to squeeze in if you know where to look but still it can be an expensive addiction. So don’t click any of these, mwhahah.

Lots of stars are print whores
Robot tee’s own you human
The 7 Hottest Tee girls
14 tee’s to wear on Valentines
14 tee’s not to wear on Valentines
Moop has his own t-shirt
Endless list of print whore blogs
A much cooler list of blogs

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