January, 2008

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TF2 4 Me n’ You

Good news for TF2er’s!! Valve has finally announced some info about the new content coming. While we just thought a couple new maps were coming it looks like a weapon unlock system is also in the works. I’d of been happy with more custom maps because my biggest beef is just having to play gravlepit […]

Coachella 2008

April is still a ways away but the line-up for Coachella is out and as always, yummy.

War of Dragons

There’s 3 things I look for in upcoming MMO’s: Fun Factor Low System Requirements FREE I don’t know if this game meets the first one but it definitely meets the other two so give it a whirl and let me know if it’s legendary!

Unstoppable Azns

I know you guys are all broken up your favorite gay cowboy went and died today but there’s bigger news to discuss. namely, Wii technology. There’s this guy named Johnny Lee who’s a wiz when it comes to showing us what is in store for the future of gaming. First, check out how he uses […]

Shell Shocked

Alright motherfuckers. It’s time to get so fuckin’ hardcore you’ll need a turtle shell to protect you. That’s right, we’re bringing the baddest ass bitches to the forefront with this head slamming sound. So grab a bottle of turpentine, a shot glass and sit back as some real gangstas throw down for your enjoyment.

Raptor Rides

Click the jump to watch the trailer for Off Road Velociraptor Safari. Why should you watch it? Well first, the game’s going to be a free PC based game for download next week. Second, FlashBang Studios is making it and promises more free games, such as this Bust-A-Move rip-off.

Creep n’ Crawl

Man I hate bugs. They are fucking disgusting. Thank god someone does this with them.

The Good, The Bad, The Last Place

The Hostile EPL league hits week 24 with a few insanely close races. The 1st place showdown has been between myself and Alc, as I’ve been bridging the gap every week to cut his 100 point initial lead down to 8 and with a 100+ score last week the momentum has switched. MrBuzzcut had a […]

Battlefield Zero’s

We may still be waiting for TF2 content to make the game interesting again but in the meantime EA has decided to jump on board the cartoony train and have announced Battlefield Heroes which is a class based shooter from the BF series using the cartoon style models for the players. The best news about […]

Third Tynes A Charm

  For the third week in a row, no one gave the Giants a shot to win. Nor will they next week. Fuck Tom Brady, the perfect season gets destroyed in 2 weeks. In other sports news: Rick Nash is fucking nasty.

1 Million Easter Bunnies vs. The Tooth Fairy

Cool. 4chan is taking on the Church of Scientology. I know who my money is on! (The /a/nime /a/ddicts)

Graduating All Over Again

I’m very happy as it looks like one of my favorite games I’ve ever gotten to work on is getting a port to XBox 360 and the Wii. Bully: Scholarship Edition is getting an upgrade with some new missions and some 2 player additions, including the below displayed pigeon dissection mini-game. It’s an underrated game […]


IRC is always the most entertaining place on the internet. It’s where all the weird and funny shiz is found and shared first. Here’s a collection of videos spammed in #Hostile at some point tonight. Credits: rina, kmn, val, mesc

More MMO Massacres

It’s amazing how much flack video games gets for being violence inducing. Do people really believe because you can headshot terrorists in CounterStrike that you’d be a risk in society for walking out your door with a sniper rifle? The argument by idiots like Jack Thompson and other old people who need a scapegoat to […]

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