Naval Narcolepsy

So out of boredom a bunch of us have been playing Pirates of the Burning Sea, a swashbuckler MMO that uses the Everquest2 engine. I got a chance to try it yesterday and it’s pretty well done with a pretty deep leveling system and a rich character creation. Your choices are to choose either the British, Spanish, French or Pirates. If you choose one of the country races you can then choose a class of FreeTrader, Privateer of Naval Officer. The gameplay consists of hand to hand combat with a sword and/or pistol and then naval fighting. You’ll have a ship and crew you control and you’ll hit the high seas to take on other ships, NPC and PCs. The naval combat can be a bit of a complex system but it’s rich enough that you can sink your teeth into it and upgrade and own. If you’re interested in playing hit up our forums and see if someone can hook you up with a buddy account so you can try before you buy.

This title is one that will bide our time until a proper guild game comes along that we can get back to team based rape. One of the games on the horizon that I think has potential to allow our PvP skills to accentuate the PvE side of a game is Age of Conan. After reading this preview it’s evident there’s a few tidbits that will allow us to do this.

There are various reasons to join a guild, but a key one is the ability to build cities. There are two forms of cities in the game: crafting villages and battle keeps. Each guild can build and own a single crafting village, which is basically a center for commerce and social interaction. To create one, simply build a central keep on the designated node, and this will open up additional build nodes that radiate out from it, where you can build different types of structures. Each building requires a different amount and type of resource, which is derived from crafting. You’ll need at least 30 members in your guild to create a city; you can basically have an unlimited number of people in a guild. Though guilds can have only one crafting village, they can also build a battle keep. The difference is mainly thus: Crafting villages cannot be attacked, but battle keeps can. That’s because battle keeps are finite in number; there are only nine locations in the game where they can be built. If you want to build a battle keep, you’ll need to seize one of those locations. This ushers in the siege warfare aspect of Age of Conan. If you hold a battle keep, your guild will be tasked with having to defend it at least once every two or three days. Siege battles can involve hundreds of players on offense and defense. The attackers can build siege engines, which can be used to knock down walls. The defenders must try to hold out for a certain amount of time. The goal is to either attack or defend the central keep; if it’s destroyed, the defenders lose and the attackers seize the location. So why even bother trying to hold a battle keep? Well, every building that you own, in both the crafting village and the battle keep, will grant you bonuses. So the more buildings your guild controls, the better.

If that doesn’t float your boat and you’re not interested in large scale warfare then maybe you should just go and play with yourself. Or, you could go and take a shot at playing more Portal.

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