December, 2007

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Premiere Ship Wreck

This was a big week in the EPL, not only for our pool but also for the real league. With Arsenal beating Chelsea and Man United staying at pace taking down Liverpool the big 4 now become the big 2 for the final run to the title. Arsenal has looked really good this year thanks […]

Weight Classes Gone Wild


I’ve had a Wii for awhile now. It’s more of a novelty act than a true gaming system like the 360 or dare I say it, the PS3. Sure it has some revolutionary gaming abilities with the controls however the software is only at a 5% percentile of having anything worth playing. Even cross platform […]

Luckiest Guy On The Planet is…

  …the motherfucker who knocked Jessica up.

Cummin’ Down The Chimney

Christmas isn’t very far away and I know ya’ll been toiling incessantly trying to figure out what to get me this year. Well it looks like the gift I want will arrive for orders just in time! So get your credit card on.

Cat Fight!!

Fuck fantasy football, fuck gaming leagues. This right here is what barbaric competition is all about!

Zero Punctuationals

I haven’t been posting the latest and greatest reviews as of late so here’s a qhole scwhack of them all in one place. Watch as a real reviewer tears apart the newer games out there. Today this dirty Aussie will cover Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero 3, Clive Barkers Jericho, Medal of Honor Airborne and Tabula […]

Die In A News Fed Fire

Ok motherfuckers, I know you’re sitting there all smug n’ shit at your dorky little computer desk wondering what’s going on out there in the gaming realm so I’m here to fill you in because I know you’re too godamn lazy to go anywhere to find out for yourself. What will you do when I’m […]

The Need For ‘Sheed

I can never get enough of people doing the Carlton, especially when my boy Rasheed Wallace does it. Check it.

Heil Gates

Wow, get a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate for completing some feedback from Microsoft? That sounds awesome!! But there’s gotta be a catch. No, it’s not that you’d then have to use Vista, that’s more like plain old punishment. Oh, there is a catch! Not only do you have to fill out a detailed survey […]

World of WTF’s

I know everyone had a good laugh at the WoW commericals with Mr. T and the Shatner. Well even better, howabout European specific commercials starring the god of all things Jean Claude Van Damme! Oh, there’s some other dude named Willy Toledo as well and there’s an upcoming commercial starring li’l Vern Troyer soon. Check […]

The VAG’s…err, VGA’s

Not that anyone would know because no one in their right mind watches SpikeTV but last night was the annual Video Game Awards. Sounds cool right? Well unfortunately, not. It’s too bad Spike jumped on the award process for video games because they are terrible at everything they do. Luckily I didn’t watch it but […]

Shake It, Then Break It

Download Jahcoozi’s Get Yo Shit Out from Palms 

News You Can Lose

Since todays focus has been TF2 why not see what else is going on out in the intarnets. We predicted awhile ago that with Valve behind the wheel we wouldn’t be seeing any support for the clan community that has been bursting at the seams. We were right. While such competition needs like friendly fire […]

Saving Private Sniper

What happens when the TF2 sound archive gets spliced to the Saving Private Ryan opening scene? Hilarity: