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Well I’m on holidays now but while I’m away from the daily grind of creating video games I’m still following the fastest growing entertainment industry and all the news that flows through it. With video game sales blowing movies out of the water tons of companies are scrambling to get involved in the moneymaking of big budget titles. So todays news you may not care about but if you want to know games inside and out you’ve gotta know what’s going on behind the scenes as well.

This Weeks Releases Suck
The reason this is news is because of the drought of games lately. While console owners were treated to a bundle of titles in November it’s been damn slow since and nothing worth playing if you’re already bored of TF2 and COD4 by now. We really need some more shit and won’t see anything decent for another couple months.

2k Marin Opens Shop
Why is this big news? Because 2k is on a roll as of late and with their Boston studio rockin’ out with their cocks out it’s big news because Marin is where BioShock 2 will be made. So anyone in the biz, if you want to stamp your ticket get applying.

Konsole Kingz Continues With Free Content
If you have a 360 you’ll know the Live Marketplace rocks your socks off. Except one problem, everything costs money!! Now this isn’t a problem for someone like me as I currently have over 9000 MS Points in the bank but for poor people, I can see how cost of content on this would drive you nuts! Thankfully Konsole Kingz always bring some of the better media for FREE so keep an eye on ‘em and also pray developers start to realize, the more themes and pics they give away the more free advertising people will do for them. It’s me sni..err bitches!

Aurun Shuts Down, Good News For Gamers
It’s pretty fuckin’ cold to shut your studio down 2 weeks before Christmas and not pay your employees but there is a silver lining to it all. Fury is now free to play forever!! I know, I shouldn’t revel in others misery but I’m a cold hearted bastard so whatever.

The Evolution of Viva Pinata Franchise
To me, this is one of the most interesting franchises of all time and one of the best games I have ever played. TO see where it came from, as a mobile phone game idea to it’s now next gen royalty with the original and it’s party game sequel, it’s amazing that this ever came to life. If you like to do drugs and garden at the same time, this franchise is for you!

Gamasutra’s Top 5 Overlooked Games of 2007
Gamasutra’s Top 5 Studios of 2007
Top 5 Downloadable Games of 2007
I can’t say I fully agree with these lists, but then who would. It’s tough to write lists like this as everyone has their own opinions and will always think they know what it should be. But there’s a few notables on here, like Earth Defence Force 2017 being #3 overlooked game which I totally agree with, there’s not a more fun budget title for next gen than this one…if you can find it. You’ll kill more monsters in this game than you will in a combined 10 other games!! And #1 for the top downloadable games goes to Pacman Championship Edition which is the only game our boy Alc plays!

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