Pigskin Pleasure

The Ht FFL league has finally finished up Week 5 and are now 1/3 of the way through the fantasy league season. Looking at the results and its not a pretty picture. Hell, Lox lost his first game with his auto-draft team. I was really hoping to pull off a win this week against Speedy but he overcame a 50 point difference with two players and beat me by 5 points. Oh well at least theres next week… The match ups for Week 6 are as follows :

Fidd’s Revenge v Baka Buisness

Scrubz v Brady’s Pullout Plan

Beedubs v Add 1 to Your Wins

my dixie wrecked v Mad Lions

Iowa u bitches v Fade’s Team Garbage

3rd Place 2006 WTF? v Make It Rain

The Cognacs v Rulz

BrainDead v Just the Tip

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